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Saturday - September 4, 2004
All the hurricane panels are up and D says it's like living in a cave. We are all stocked with food and water. Now we just wait and see.

Hurricane Frances has been down graded to a category 2 hurricane. It just gets weaker and weaker. It is moving so slowly. At first it was due to effect us by midnight Friday and now they are thinking late Saturday. Whenever, at least the wind speed and amount of rain keeps decreasing. The wind speed that we will feel is down to 50 mph and the amount of rain is down to 5+ inches. That shouldn't be too bad.

The east coast will see much worse but no where as bad as first predicted. They will have a storm surge but it will be more like 3 to 5 feet rather than the over 10 feet as originally predicted. The wind on that coast could reach over 100 mph and they will have a lot of rain.

I'm hoping that there won't be much damage here. So far there has been only one feeder band from F come through with light rain. We will be on the outer edge of F which shouldn't be too bad. I can just hear people complaining about the erroneous predictions and forced evacuations along the east coast. They should come here to see first hand what a hurricane can do. Then they would know why they were told to leave.