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Yep! You guessed it.
That's my name and where I live.
Ever think about moving here?
Well, before you do, click on the sun/cloud below.

Can you read this?

It's me again, but this time in braille.
No, I'm not blind, but before I retired
I taught the blind.

Guess what all these places have in common?

Montclair, New Jersey
Wausau, Wisconsin
Erie, Pennsylvania
St Paul, Minnesota
Carpentersville, Illinois
Greeley, Colorado
Parsippany, New Jersey
Port Charlotte, Florida

They have all been home to me
during the last ?? years of my life.
I guess you might say
that I moved around a little.

Here I am with my favorite fluffy friend


You can tell a lot about a person by looking at what they collect. I'm not sure what this says about me, but I love to collect teddy bears.

Boyds Plushes, Bearstones and Dollstones are my favorite and fit my budget.

Here is a picture of 16 Boyds bears.

Now multiply that by 10 and you have an idea of how many I have. Of course, not all mine are Boyds bears. I also have bears by: Gund, Ganz, Bialosky, Annette Funicello, Kimbearly, Muffy, World of Miniature Bears
and of course, Beanie Babies
plus several nameless bears.

If all those bears weren't enough, I also collect porcelain dolls, Lennox porcelain Garden Birds, miniature Swarovski crystal animals, music boxes and Fenton Art Glass animals. Also scattered throughout the many glass fronted curio cabinets are all the little collectables I gathered from my trips to Hawaii, Europe, Ireland, Scandinavia and throughout the USA. The dusting is never finished here.

This bear was adopted from a wonderful group I have joined. Click on him to read all about it.

I guess we all have a way we face each day.
While web surfing, I came across this page that expresses my outlook.
Click on these playful smiles to visit it.

I have been asked to write about me. If you want to know more, just click on each smiley below.




Jooly's Joint

That is my story.
Please visit more of BJ's World.

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