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Meet My Cyber-Family and Friends
Visit the adoption centers to start a family of your own.  
With all the crazy things
that are going on in our world today,
my family needed some one to watch over them.
I found these guardians at:  

Guardian of Air and Dreams

Guardian of Magic and Enchantment
Everyone knows how much I love Jelly Beans;
so the first stop when building a Cyber-family had to be a Jelly Bean Adoption Agency. This is where I went -  
and here is the start of my new family.
Here is the sun shining for all to see. I had to adopt a sun. Everything always looks so much better when there is sun. If you want a sun, here is where you can find your own.  
This sun is helping to fill my garden with flowers.
I have lots of pockets.
I'd like you to meet who is hiding in them.
They are from:
Be sure to say Hi to each one and be gentle.
They are very shy.

Pascal Puppy

Kylie Kitten

Bridget Bunny

Bevan Bear

Myra Mouse
I am a big ARCTOPHILE.  
(teddy bear lover)  
My cyber-family could not exist without these.

These three lovely bears were adopted from here.  
The most important part of my cyber-family
is all my cyber-friends.
Meet my friends:
Andrea, Kathy, Jo, Pam, Nita, Diane, Elaine, Gytti, Amy, Gerry, Yvonne, Carol, Joan, Barb, Pat, Gladys, Martha, Arline, Donna, Gaye, Cynthia, Joyce, Trish, Lynn, Nancee, Nansi, Rose, Debra, Shirl, Zahava, Marlene, Gro, Alby and YOU!  

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